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Main Surgery

Churchfield Surgery 




Branch Surgery

Sandsend Surgery




General Queries: HRWCCG.sandsmp-admin@nhs.net

Dispensing Queries: ssmp.dispensing@nhs.net




The surgery will be undergoing modifications during February/March 2020. Please see the News and Events tab for more information

Private Fees

Some services provided by the practice involve a private charge. These include medicals, insurance reports and some vaccinations, letters and certificates. The list is not exhaustive and the practice retains the right to charge appropriately for additional services. For private vaccinations and examinations payment must be made before the appointment or on the day of the appointment. The vaccine fee must be paid before it is administered. Where medicals are at the request of a third party, the third party will be invoiced directly.



Medical Letters/Reports from a GP

When you request a letter or form to be filled out by the GP, it ususally takes a minimum of a few days before it is completed and ready for collection. This is because the information is passed to the secretaries first to scan onto your medical record. The GP will then fill in the form or dictate the letter, ready for collection. Please note that not every GP works every day so it is very unlikely that your document will be ready the same day. 



Private Vaccinations

The private vaccination fees are correct at the time of printing. The costs may vary as NHS vaccines are ordered as required.


Methods of Payment

We accept cash, debit card and cheques. Cheques should be made available to Sleights and Sandsend medical practice.


Insurance/Medical reports

When a report is requested by a patient/insurance company. We will ony be able to proceed with the report if we have the payment in full beforehand. The person/company who has requested the report will get a letter in the post with the invoice attached, once the payment has been made, we will be able to proceed with your report.



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